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                Automatic locking screw machine common problems and solutions.

                Release time:2021-12-25

                FAQ 1: Automatic locking machine can not open the machine
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                FAQ 2: Automatic locking machine screw sliding teeth
                1. Check whether the torque of the electric batch is suitable for the range of locked torque, and use the torque meter to re-check the electric batch torque.

                2, check whether the screw standard

                1. Check whether the screw feeder has screws and whether the screws are working properly.

                FAQ 4: Automatic locking machine screw float height
                1. Check whether the locking height in the step setting in the program reaches the actual locking position of the screw, and whether the locking speed parameter is set correctly.

                2, check whether the torque is too small

                1. Check whether the vacuum is weakened, open the Y-axis vacuum cover, and take out the vacuum generator for processing.

                2. Check whether the suction position of the screw is offset and enter the system parameters to reset the suction position.

                3, whether the batch head is installed, whether the fixing screw is loose

                3, the screw is stuck, the screw is not used up
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